Friday, February 1, 2008

Tom and Jerry:1953

"The Missing Mouse" opens with Tom tormenting Jerry. We can already expect the mouse to get his revenge. As a bottle of white ink falls on Jerry, a perfectly-timed radio announcement informs Tom that a white mouse has escaped from a laboratory. The mouse is filled with enough explosives to obliterate a city!

Since Jerry is already covered in white ink, it is the perfect chance to make Tom suffer. He threatens harm to himself repeatedly and Tom must put himself at risk to stop him, in order to prevent the explosion that the cat believes will occur.

Once Jerry falls into the sink, the ink is washed off and the jig is up. Tom boots the mouse out of the house...only to have the real white mouse arrive.

Tom manhandles the mouse, believing it is Jerry, but soon discovers that is actually the lab mouse. Thankfully, an update on the radio informs Tom that the lab mouse is no longer considered dangerous and that it will not explode.

Tom kicks the mouse out of the house, only to have it...yep, that's right...explode.
Radio announcer: "Repeat: the white mouse will not explode." Tom: "Don't you believe it!"

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