Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tom and Jerry:1954

"Mice Follies" features one of the fastest freezing refrigerators of all time. Every mouse should have one for dealing with pesky cats.

Jerry and Nibbles (or was he called Tuffy by this point in his career?) overflow the faucets in the kitchen, then freeze the water with the fridge to create an ice rink. Complete with a spotlight enhanced by multi-colored gelatin, the mice seem to have the perfect skating spot until Tom catches sight of them.

Tom is not as graceful as the mice and cannot keep his balance on the icy surface, leaving Jerry and Tuffy to simply wait while the cat exhausts himself while trying to stay upright. Tom soon shifts the odds (but only momentarily) when he finds some ice skates in the closet.

Tom gets slammed into an inconveniently opened ironing board and is transformed into a living sled as he is squeezed beneath a door. The super-fast fridge comes in handy as Nibbles melts the ice, leaving Tom to take a dive into the water.

Now that the cat is soaked, Nibbles has only to use the powerful fridge once more to freeze the water with its incredible speed, creating a living ice sculpture out of Tom, who must watch helplessly as the mice covort around him.
This reminds me...I need to defrost my fridge.

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Kasey said...

Great cartoon, and nice to see the factory back up and running.