Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Daffy: 1941

I am feeling lazy today so rather than go through the hassle of transfering my vhs copy for screen grabs, you can watch A Coy Decoy on AOL. Bad news: it's the colorized version. Good news: it's unedited.

Directed by Bob Clampett, the film has another "books come to life" theme. Daffy leaps from the cover of "The Ugly Duckling" and gives a manic rendition of "Get along, little doggie" before mounting "Black Beauty", a typical "mammy" stereotype character.

"The Wolf of Wall Street" sets his sights on Daffy while swimming in "The Lake" and uses a decoy duck to entice his prey. Soon Daffy is smitten over the decoy and swoons over it in a very Pepe Le Pew fashion.

The jig is soon up though and Daffy quickly tries to save his skin by enlightening the wolf to his many medical problems such as dandruff, b.o., dishpan hands, ingrown toenails and deviated septum.

Soon the chase is on and Daffy must "Escape" over the "Bridge of San Luis Rey" before using the "Hurricane", "Mortal Storm" and "Lightning" to defeat the wolf, who dies in front of "For Whom the Bell Tolls".

Porky is in this film too, but he is only really there to help administer the end gag as Daffy breaks all laws of reproduction and has a family with the decoy.

Best gag for me: When Daffy halts the wolf for a moment in mid-chase to admonish him: "You're a hard man, McGee!"


David Germain said...

Yay! It's uneditted. The Censor Monkeys didn't get their grubby hands on it. But they HAVE done so to Tom & Jerry. See for yourself. >:P

Coyote said...

Cursed monkeys! They ruin everything.