Saturday, June 2, 2007


I think I just realized why I found "The Duxorcist" and "Night of the Living Duck" so refreshing. In both of those films, we don't see "evil Daffy". You know, the version of Daffy where he is mean-spirited and trying to get another character killed?
Well, it is this version of Daffy we see once again in "Box Office Bunny".

A new movie theater is built over Bugs' home. When he pops up from the ground into the theater, it is not long before he has an encounter with an usher, Elmer Fudd.
Meanwhile, Daffy uses his library card to jimmy open the back door of the theater in order to sneak inside without paying the ridiculous admission fee. Gotta love it.

In order to divert Elmer's attention away from his crime, Daffy sets the dim-witted Fudd after Bugs. What follows are gags that you would expect from a cartoon that revolves around the setting of a movie theater: gum on the floor, a popcorn butter hose, etc.

Bugs finally traps Elmer and Daffy inside the actual movie that is showing at the theater. Unfortunately, it is a slasher film. The cartoon ends disturbingly with Elmer and Daffy pounding on the screen begging to get away from the hockey-mask wearing, chainsaw-wielding maniac.
When the "That's all, folks" end title card appears, Elmer and Daffy break through it, fleeing for thier lives.

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