Thursday, June 28, 2007

Roger Rabbit:1993

"Trail Mix-Up" finds Roger, Herman and the mother in the great outdoors. Roger of course is stuck carrying everything.

The negligent mother once more leaves Herman in Roger's care while she goes off hunting. Roger gets a visit from forest ranger Jessica and then demolishes a large area of the forest with bug spray.

Roger tries to save Baby Herman from a beehive and ends up with a mouthful of them. Droopy makes his cameo as a mischief-maker, using a fake shark fin to scare Roger. "Gets 'em every time."

Things couldn't get worse, right? Wrong! Baby Herman follows a beaver into a dangerous sawmill, where Roger has much pain inflicted upon himself as he attempts to save the child.

A ride down the logflume and river results in a bear getting taken along for the fast-paced ride. The entire crew ends up in a geyser which erupts, sending them all to Mount Rushmore, obliterating the national landmark.

Roger insists it is not the end of the world, but nothing is further from the truth as the flag he plants in the ground pops the earth and causes it to deflate like a balloon.


James E. Daniels said...

This short is full of little in-jokes! I love it! I used to spend alot of time freeze-framing this one!
Unfortunately, I have nothing on the creation of this one.
However, do you know the reason why this was the last Roger Rabbit animated project? Read all about it here:
The proposed prequel sounds really interesting. But sadly this has no hope of being made.

Coyote said...

Sad to see that, much like so many great things, Roger's career ended due to petty nonsense.

James E. Daniels said...

It would be interesting to see that test scene with animation supervised by Eric Goldberg.

Anonymous said...

In case if you wanted to know, it was Richard Williams who voiced Droopy in 'Who framed Rodger Rabbit'. Not surprising, since Droopy is his favorite cartoon character. It's beyond me, however, if he had voiced the beagle in the Roger shorts.