Saturday, June 30, 2007


In 1932, a character with a silly laugh had a small cameo in a Mickey Mouse film. From there, Dippy Dawg went on to become Goofy, who starred in arguably the funniest Disney cartoons ever made.
Goofy was not just a fumbling, bumbling idiot for it was obvious that the dog had a heart of gold. (yes, Goofy is a dog). It is always easy to sympathize with Goofy and he is able to make us laugh at ourselves, for his extreme blunders always have a way of making our own goof-ups seem trivial.
So, let's step back to 1932 and follow the career of the one and only Goofy: from Dippy Dawg, to the star of the hilarious "How To" films, to feature film appearances, to the Goof's role as family man and more. See ya tomorrow!

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