Friday, June 1, 2007


In 1988, Daffy starred in "Night of the Living Duck", which seems like a follow-up of sorts to "The Duxorcist" in that they share a Halloween-type theme.

While frantically searching for the next issue of a comic book, Daffy gets clocked on the head and enters a dream state.

Daffy is thrust onstage at a club, facing a wide assortment of ghouls and goblins.
Since Daffy really doesn't have much of a singing voice, he pulls out a bottle of elixer that is imbibed with the voice of Mel Torme (who lent his voice to this portion of the film).

Soon, Daffy has the confidence needed to croon his way through "Monsters Lead Such Interesting Lives", which to me always sounds like a reference to the Bugs Bunny cartoons featuring Gossamer, the large orange monster.

Daffy is comfortable quipping with vampires and mummies, but when he is faced with a godzilla-type monster, he is shaken back to reality. He awakens, but the monster has one last parting line for Daffy, as he sticks his head out from the cover of the comic book.

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