Saturday, June 23, 2007


Spike's name is changed to Butch for the Lah-directed Droopy films, but the dog's evil intentions haven't changed a bit.

Droopy and Butch are partners working in a mine, agreeing to split any gold they may find 50/50. Upon striking gold, Butch dupes Droopy into signing a contract which stipulates that if either of them should die, the survivor will get all the gold. Butch then sets out to kill Droopy.

Droopy, of course, is oblivious to Butch's attempts on his life and it is this naivete that becomes Butch's undoing.

So trusting is Droopy that he sends Butch off with what he believes is the bag of gold, but is really a bag of explosives designed to kill Droopy. Droopy's innocence in films such as this is such a great quality. He is ignorant of the danger around him, yet triumphs in spite of it.

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James E. Daniels said...

This cartoon was one of my favs growing up. I'm glad to finally see the full aspect ratio of this cartoon classic.