Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Tex Avery was back at the helm for "Three Little Pups", which is another take on the pig story. In this case, the Wolf is actually a dog catcher trying to penetrate the obligatory brick house.

The wolf presented here is not the same wolf as the earlier Droopy films, but rather a slower-paced version with a southern accent. Constantly whistling to himself, the wolf goes about his attempts to capture Droopy and the other two dogs.

Within the trio, Droopy is of course the smart one, thwarting the wolf's efforts at every turn. The wolf accidentally ingests thier tv set, but when the tv is shown back in its original place during the next scene, Droopy addresses the audience: "Now don't ask how we got the television set back."

It is around this time in Droopy's career that the design of the dog changes a bit, most notably his drooping jowls seem to have receded. I guess Droopy got a face lift or something.

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James E. Daniels said...

I've always loved this Daws Butler Wolf character, he kills me.
The character is so cool and calm and his timing is impecable.
"Okay, break it up son. Joke's over."