Friday, June 22, 2007


Beginning with "Millionaire Droopy" the remaining Droopy cartoons were released in Cinemascope. It is a remake of "Wags to Riches", a cartoon that was hard for me not to showcase earlier in this timeline. However, I knew that "Millionaire Droopy" was the only film from 1956, so I held out.
Besides the widescreen format, the only difference between the two films is in the backgrounds, which are more stylized and suggestive here.

A millionaire has bequeathed his entire fortune to Droopy. However, in the event of Droopy's death, the fortune goes to Spike. Before learning that Droopy is the heir, Spike confidently takes a pencil and simply scratches him out.

Murder is Spike's plan throughout the film as he tries to bump off Droopy in order to steal the inheritance. Of course, Spike's plans backfire on him in some delightfully gruesome ways.

Eventually, a failed frame job causes Spike to be mistaken for a mad dog. Once again, Spike is carted off to the mad house. He seems to spend a lot of time there over the past years due to Droopy.

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