Thursday, May 31, 2007


Daffy finally appeared in some new animated shorts starting in 1987, starting with "The Duxorcist".
Daffy is in the ghost-busting business and receives a call for help from a female duck, who unbeknownst to Daffy, is possessed by evil spirits.

Being a huge Marx Brothers fan, it is great for me to see Daffy do a "Groucho-style walk" as he enters the home.

The film has some amusing one-liners from Daffy as he first tries to woo the woman, then after realizing she is possessed, trying to dispel the demons within. Confusing an "exorcise" book with an "exercise" book doesn't make things easier.

Laughter proves to be the best medicine and Daffy removes the ghosts from the woman, only to have them enter his body next.

The cartoon stands up well to me, and while nothing in the later career of Daffy can ever compare to his earlier work, "The Duxorcist" shows that there was at least a decent attempt made at keeping Daffy an enjoyable character to watch.

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