Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Daffy, living in a very run-down shack, finds an ad in the paper from a millionaire who is seeking a companion. Sounds like easy money to Daffy.

There is only one catch. Daffy cannot enter the walls of the mansion due to the large bulldog who guards the property.

The majority of the film then revolves around gags concerning Daffy's attempts to get onto the property. Pole-vaulting and helium balloons prove to be of no avail.

Sleeping pills for the dog don't quite work and a game of fetch with dynamite turns disasterous when the dog proves to be an excellent fetcher.

Finally, Daffy meets the millionaire, only to learn that he does not want a companion for himself, but rather for his bulldog. The color drains from Daffy as his nemesis trots off with the duck in his mouth.

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