Saturday, May 26, 2007


This time there is no doubt in my mind. Speedy is clearly the instigator here. Directed by Alex Lovy, "Go Away Stowaway" finds Daffy at the end of his rope listening to Speedy's singing.
The odd moment here is when Speedy uses soap flakes to trick Daffy into thinking it is winter. Once Daffy steps outside wouldn't he realize that it is not really winter at all? Also, does he really need a reason to leave other than Speedy's singing?

Anyway, Daffy seys out on a cruise, only to find that Speedy has stowed-away in his luggage.

It is debatable if Daffy is realy trying to bring Speedy to justice or if he really just wants to escape from his singing, but every attempt to catch the mouse is, of course, thwarted.

Speedy cuts Daffy's rope, shoots a shuffleboard puck into Daffy's mouth and drops the duck into the water with a very hungry shark. Bad instigating Speedy. Tsk.

Daffy attempts to kill Speedy with an anchor but only succeeds in sinking the entire ship, leaving the two foes adrift at sea with plenty of time for Speedy to sing for Daffy.

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