Friday, May 25, 2007


In "Snow Excuse", Daffy and Speedy Gonzales are neighbors on a mountain in winter. Speedy has no wood for a fire and goes to Daffy for some only to get rejected.

I never really know how to view the two characters in this film. Is Daffy the villian or is Speedy? Is it Daffy's fault that Speedy did not bother to aquire wood of his own? Is it right for Speedy to steal all of Daffy's wood for himself?
On the other hand, Daffy is a bit too determined to see Speedy freeze to death.
I guess they are really both in the wrong.

Regardless of who is right or wrong, Daffy still gets put through the wringer by Speedy as the mouse steals all of his wood, piece by piece.

Another scene that makes me believe that Speedy is really the evil one here is when, after stealing all of Daffy's wood, Speedy proceeds to "accidentally" destroy Daffy's house.

Finally it is Daffy that must go to Speedy's house for shelter, but will only be allowed in when he wears a mouse disguise. That's one big mouse. Would Speedy not show Daffy the consideration that he originally sought for himself if the duck had simply shown up at his doorstep as himself, rather than a fake mouse? My mind boggles.

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