Sunday, May 13, 2007


Daffy had quite a career as a door-to-door salesman. One such outing is Robert McKimson's "Design For Leaving".

Daffy forces his way into Elmer Fudd's home and installs numerous push-button gadgets that are supposed to make life easier for Fudd. His life becomes anything but easy as the gadgets misfire. There is an overactive fire extinguisher, a robotic dog who mistakes Elmer for a burgler and a recliner that agitates more than it soothes.

From his control panel, Daffy solves Elmer's dirty window problem by simply filling the pane with bricks, and uses a high-powered scrubber to completely strip Elmer's walls. The new garbage disposal is simply a pig, and the "alcatraz ascot" is too much like a hangman's noose for Elmer.

Bringing the upstairs downstairs seems like a nifty idea, until we realize that the downstairs becomes obliterated in the process.

Elmer finally caves in and pushes the "wed" button, only to realize that he now needs a blue button in order to get his home back on the ground...which Daffy just happens to have, for a price.

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