Sunday, May 27, 2007


Back when Cartoon Network showed "cartoon extras" at ungodly hours of the morning, I set my vcr to record "See Ya Later Gladiator". However, the power went out overnight and I lost my opportunity to own a copy of this film.

Now, some might say that it was God's way of sheltering me from the horrors of this film. After all, it is dubbed by many as the worst Looney Tune ever made.
Regardless, this is the story behind why there are no screenshots from this cartoon. However, I must thank Matthew Hunter over at GAC for pointing out to me that the cartoon could be found on AOL.
Here it is for your viewing pleasure...or displeasure, whatever the case may be.
It is bad. Very bad. However, it does provide some unintentional laughter for me, so I guess it does succeed in at least one area.

This would be the last Daffy cartoon made before the Looney Tunes were shut down for the second time.
Is this the end of Daffy? Does our tribute to him conclude here? Not on your life!
There's plenty more of Daffy still to come on the Acme Factory, as our favorite duck returns in the 1980's. Stay tooned!

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