Monday, May 14, 2007


In "Dime to Retire", Daffy tries his hand at owning a hotel. The rooms only cost ten cents!

The deal sounds good to traveller Porky, until Daffy releases a mouse into his room, then informs the pig that, for a small fee, he can provide a cat to get rid of the mouse.

A dog is then needed to get rid of the cat and Daffy's fee for this service increases. Soon a lion is sold to Porky to get rid of the dog and an elephant is sold to get rid of the lion.

The natural choice to get rid of the lion is of course, to sell Porky a mouse, thus making the entire cycle of extortion to begin anew. When Porky gets fed up and leaves, Daffy informs him that he still owes him ten cents, the original cost of the room.
Refusing to pay, Porky's luggage is held by Daffy, with explosive results.

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