Friday, July 20, 2007


Goofy leaves behind the world of sports to take a job at a circus, where he cares for the elephant, Delores.

The elephant destroys Goofy's trailer in an attempt to wake him up, but Goofy's a pretty sound sleeper. Once awake, Goofy teases Dolores with the promise of a peanut, attempting to soften her up for what is to come...her bath.

The film revolves around Goofy's attempts to bathe Dolores, resulting in Goofy usually getting more wet than the elephant.

Things get even more difficult when the elephant develops a bad case of sneezes, eventually landing animal and trainer in the mud.

I always love how oblivious Goofy always seems to be to what is happening around him...or to him, such as when the water hose is left running while in his pocket.


Anthony C. said...

The antics of the short inspired what I do to my female characters today. As much as I say I'm not a fan of these cartoons that aim to humiliate Goofy through all these creative antics (inflation by hose, etc), I wouldn't even be doing it to my female characters if it weren't for seeing it all.

I suppose I owe a big thank you to the Big Wash for making me want to be an animator and find an enjoyment underneath it all-along with other works at the time.

Elefant said...

Hi Anthony!
Where can I find youre work?
I have never seen no cartoon or comic from you...
What are the names of the cartoons you have done??

Love "the big wash"