Wednesday, July 25, 2007


As the Golden Age of animation was drawing to a close, Goofy could always be counted on for laughs. In "Father's Day Off", Goofy is left at home with his son and he scoffs at how his wife makes housework sound so difficult.

Goofy thinks he has everything under control, but life in the household quickly becomes unravelled. He must deal with his destructive son, a messy dog, an overflowing bathtub and a burning iron.

The milkman and the grocery man greet Goofy with kisses (obviously expecting Mrs. Goof). Goofy is oblivious to what these affectionate visitors really signify.

While a soap opera is playing on the radio, Goofy drops the phone next to the speaker. Hearing the phony screams and cries for help, the operator believes they are real and calls the police.

Mrs. Goof returns home just as the police and the fire department storm the house and her husband is knocked out by the iron which has burned through the floor and fallen through the ceiling.


Kasey said...

Just a small question:Are the cartoons you have chosen happen to be your peronal favorites or do you randomly choose? Just curious. And how do you choose the character you pay tribute to?

Coyote said...

For each year in question, I try to pick my favorite cartoon. Having said that, most of the time it is VERY difficult to choose!

When there are several cartoons within a certain year that I like, I basicaly just have to pick the one that made me laugh the most or the one that has something different than the others.

As for which characters to choose...well, Daffy was a given since he is one of my personal favorites, Droopy seemed logical because of the dvd release, and it's Goofy's 75th birthday, so I figured I would highlight his career (and what a great one it is).

I think it is safe to say that Woody Woodpecker and Popeye will be up next due to the dvd releases. My goal is to get to as many characters as I can, one at a time.

Also, I plan on doing something new inbetween the character timelines, in which I will do a post about a random cartoon (perhaps a "one-shot" or something that wouldn't really fit anywhere else).

Any suggestions for future character timelines is welcome and if I have access to the cartoons requested, I will eventually oblige. Like I said, I will try to get to as many characters as possible. After that, who knows? Perhaps "studio timelines", "director timelines"...the sky's the limit!

Kasey said...

Director's Spotlight sounds like a great idea! As for next character, I think Woody is a better idea then Popeye. Woody's career is more intresting since he evolved ALOT.