Sunday, July 29, 2007

Goofy:Conclusion/What's Next

Yeah, so I was feeling lazy about screenshots tonight.
Starting in 1992, Goofy appeared in the tv series "Goof Troop" which paved the way for a feature film, "A Goofy Movie", which spawned a direct-to video sequel "An Extremely Goofy Movie". Most of these ventures attempted to stay true to the character of Goofy, while trying to modernize the world he inhabits, but they can't compare to the earlier career of the one and only Goofy. It's been fun looking back over his career. He really is one of the best.

So, what's next? Well, as I eluded to in the comment section a few posts back, I think that Woody Woodpecker would be the obvious choice to highlight next, due to the new dvd set. My only misgiving is that the timeline would be not quite complete, as I am missing films of Woody's from the late 60's. So, if you will all bear that in mind, I can put aside my obsessive/compulsion this time.

Before we begin however: Sometimes the machinery here at the Acme Factory goes haywire and random cartoons get spit out haphazardly. In between character timelines, you might see posts about cartoons that just don't fit anywhere else. They may be "one-shot" cartoons, or something from the Public Domain Warehouse. I can never know what the Acme gadgetry will crank out, so stop by tomorrow and we'll find out.


Acme Girl said...

I've been reading up on your posts on Goofy through the years and it was insightful. I figure now would be a good time to ask if you would include "How to Hook Up Your Home Theater" to catch up on the Goof. If you have yet to see it, last time I checked, it was on iTunes:
I watched the cartoon when it was on YouTube and it was hilarious! No rush, but I hope to see an entry of this cartoon on your blog sometime.

Coyote said...

I saw "How to Hook Up Your Home Theater" when it was shown in theaters with "National Treasure". In fact, the cartoon was the only reason why I paid to see that boring movie.
I have the cartoon on my ipod and it is definetely a nice homage to the classic Goofy cartoons. As for featuring it on the blog...well, that might feel like backtracking at the moment, but I will keep it in mind.
I have thought of perhaps doing "studio timelines" and "Home Theater" would be a perfect entry for a 2007 post about Disney.