Thursday, July 26, 2007


Eight years passed before Goofy reappeared in "Aquamania". Our hero cannot resist buying a speedboat and soon is off to the lake with his son.

After sinking the car into the water along with the boat, Goofy straps on the water skis. I never understood why since the only person left to drive the boat at that point would be his young son.

Goofy's oversight of this fact results in his son starting up the boat and getting them involved in a high-speed race. Goofy's skiing abilities (or lack thereof) are put to the test.

Goofy is soon tangled up with an octopus while being dragged along the lake and the terrified creature has no choice but to go along for the ride. Goofy and the octopus are struck by lighting at one point and are thrown from the lake onto a roller coaster.

The hair-raising race ends with Goofy being flung across the finish line and into the winner's trophy, proving that he can still triumph despite his ineptitude.


Kasey said...

I find it a little odd that this was nominated for an oscar. Would you consider this "oscar" material?

Coyote said...

Not really, but you might notice how often great cartoons are skipped over for Oscar nominations in favor of more lackluster ones.

I don't think this is a bad film, although I don't really care for the Xerox process. It makes the animation look a bit crude to me.

Kasey said...

Why do you think that was? I think cartoons like "Barber of Seville" or "Coal Black" or even Avery's King Size Canary should've gotten the award. And yeah, I agree. I think the animation is pretty crude as well.

Coyote said...

I honestly don't know. Seems like the people who select films for nomination don't take cartoons seriously.