Saturday, August 18, 2007


"Arts and Flowers" demonstrates how Woody is able to apply the rules of the cartoon universe.

Our hero enters into an art contest, where he must paint a desert flower. He has a rival, however, in the form of a snooty artist. The gloves come off quickly, as Woody sabotages the artists's car to hinder him from reaching the location.

The artist claims his place by drawing an "X" on the ground, which Woody simply pulls out from under him. The woodpecker paints a pond on a large rock and, after demonstrating that the water is real by swimming in it, lures the artist into taking a plunge head-first into the stone.

Woody's drawings also come to life. A greek figure smashes her vase over the artist's head, and Woody's sketch of a dog comes to life and attacks his opponent (thanks to the bone that Woody has painted on the artist's behind).

Finally, Woody draws railroad tracks beneath the artist's feet, and of course, a train uses the fake tracks to mow down the snobby artist.
Woody frames the mangled body of the artist and wins the contest, but the prize is nothing more than a painting of a money sack.

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Kasey said...

I always wonndered why they made Woody's eyes black. The earlier design they were using was more appealing to me.