Thursday, August 30, 2007

Woody:Conclusion/What's Next

As with all cartoon characters form the golden age, Woody's later films do not have the power to diminish the greatness of the earlier films. The evolution of the woodpecker is a fun one to watch and his character is never easy to pin down within any certain category.

This is not the end for our hero either. Woody was resurrected in a recent television series, is still sometimes used as a sort-of mascot for Universal, and his films have now been released on dvd for new viewers to discover. This last fact is probably the most important to me: Those of us who grew up with and enjoyed these cartoons need to pass them down to the next generation, or else they will slip away into obscurity, where they already dangle precariously.

Enough of my ramblings though....what's next? Well, it's going to be a "Tom and Jerry-a-thon" here at the Factory!
Sure, we all know the cat and mouse team from MGM, but there is also a pair with the same names, from the Van Beuren studio, that pre-date the famous duo. So stay tooned for a look at VB's Tom and Jerry followed by MGM's Tom and Jerry.
But before we get into all of that, it's time to dig around in the PD Warehouse for tomorrow's installment.

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