Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Woody is a stowaway aboard a ship. As he tries to score a meal, he blows his cover.

After a chase around the ship, Woody is caught and forced to walk the plank. He swims to a nearby island and finds a castaway, who is tired of eating nothing but coconuts. A woodpecker meal begins to sound appealing.

The castaway gets more coconuts, however this time they are dropped on his head, courtesy of Woody.

Woody is lured into a trap by a false entrance to a burlesque show. As the castaway reaches into the sack to pluck Woody's feathers, our hero hands off the innards of a pillow instead.

Woody talks his way out of being killed by offering the castaway a chicken dinner, which of course is nothing more than a coconut made to look like a chicken.


Kasey said...

Wow. Woody looks like utter crud in those screenshots. Sadly, this was pretty typical of the times at Lantz. I also don't like the way they changed Woody's eyes either.:/

Coyote said...

Yes, it was definetly time for Woody to say goodbye.