Monday, August 20, 2007


Woody sells insurance this time around and he has to convince Dan Dooley, his old nemesis, just how dangerous the cartoon world can be.

The policy that Woody is pushing would cover Dooley from mishaps such as having a safe fall on his head, lightning strikes, dog bites and pile driver accidents. It even protects against being thrown into a printing press, which Woody demonstrates by pushing Dooley directly into one.

Dan finally breaks down and signs the policy, only to find that it does not protect against guided missle attacks...which Woody just happens to have.

Dooley tries desperately to escape the missle but finally gets blown up by it, landing him in the hospital. The ticking of a toaster sounds just like the ticking of a missle, so Dooley leaps out of the window to escape.

On his way down, he signs Woody's new policy...only to find out it will not cover any injuries incured from jumping out of a window.


Bijoy said...

hi there, i stumbled across your blog while randomly searching the blogosphere, nice one you have here, i also find the design to my liking. do keep up the good work.

warm regards from the other side of planet earth. i'll be back for more.

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Biby Cletus

Coyote said...

Thank you for the compliment. Glad to know that classic cartoons are appreciated all around the world.